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Our expanded suite of intelligent products and services offer innovative technologies for every retailer’s needs. Our solutions improve safety, minimize merchandise loss, bring critical insights into both shopper and theft behavior and ultimately improve store profits.

With over 25,000 stores protected by our solutions, we serve the majority of global retailers.


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Pushout Prevention

Push back against pushout theft with Purchek® technology

Business Intelligence

Understand customer experience with Business Intelligence

Cart Containment

Help protect your investment with CartControl® solution

Cart Management

Safer, faster cart collection with CartManager® Ultra

1 in 6
pushout thieves are violent
average cost pushout theft
< 1 Year
typical ROI for Purchek® Solution Customer Experience


Pushout Prevention

Gatekeeper Systems’ Purchek® technology is a highly effective invisible loss prevention tool to retain merchandise, deter theft, and enhance safety, all while promoting shopper’s experience.


Cart Containment

Shopping carts are the longest point of interaction between your customers and your brand. Totally unnoticed, Gatekeeper Systems’ CartControl® technology stops carts from ever leaving a store’s premise, reducing the overall waste and carbon footprint associated with cart loss, retrieval, and replacement. Our solution keeps your shopping carts at your location, always available for your customers while significantly reducing store operational costs.

CartManager® Ultra

Collect Carts Faster

Gatekeeper Systems' cart management technology is the solution for your employees to effortlessly navigate lines of shopping carts through car parks, increasing safety and reducing labor hours while simultaneously resulting in a positive store image.

Business Intelligence

Shopper Analytics & Loss Prevention Insights

Business Intelligence technology harnesses the information collected from our instore devices and provides turn-key solutions for robust reporting around system performance, shopper behavior, cart usage and system health. Full solution theft investigative services solve the extreme challenge facing many retailers of collecting, managing, sorting and classifying video data across hundreds of stores. Our services can quantify merchandise value for your reporting, identify repeat offenders or suspected ORC activity and provide videos easily for your case management systems.

Why Consider Purchek® Technology?

Retain Merchandise
Increase Profits
Positive Shopper Experience
Shopper Analytics & Loss Insights

Why Consider CartControl® Solution?

Pleasant Shopper Experience
Positive Brand Image
Return on Investment (ROI)
Food Safety

Why Consider CartManager® Ultra?

Reduce Injuries & Workers Comp
Happy Customers & Clear Lots
Save Time & Money
Compact Design

Why Consider Business Intelligence?

Theft Behavior Insights
Situational Awareness
Smart Services

"You also have the issue of safety and safeness. If you think about confrontations at the door, that is where the opportunity for violence oftentimes rears its ugly head, and the nice thing about the Purchek® product is that it is humanless."

Loss Prevention Executive of Major Retail Chain

"We consider Purchek® a critical part of an integrated asset protection strategy"

Academic Research Leader

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